A Simple and Secure Personal Records Book

Keeping personal records organized and up to date is a challenge we all face. However bothersome it may be, it is a necessary task - the need to easily locate important personal records information becomes especially vital when someone dies or becomes disable. At EZLista we can't get rid of the task but we make it much easier for you.

EZLista is an online personal records book where you can access/maintain your personal information 24 hours on the Internet. EZLista is not an open social networking site, where people you don't know appear in your address book, or get access to your personal information. Our site is developed with easy of use and security in mind. We do not share or disclose your information with third-parties or other users.

The site is developed with easy of use and security in mind. We do not share or disclose your information with third-parties or other users. And most importantly your information is safe and secure in your system. We use strong Internet and information security technologies, such as criptography and secure socket communications, in order to ensure that your information is protected. Your key information, such as account Ids, passwords, and other personal information is stored in illegible format. Only you, the registered user, is able to access your information. Furthermore, all data in transint over the Internet is also encrypted to further ensure the protection of your personal and privacy information.

EZLista is Mobile Ready

EZLista provides a web mobile version to be accessed from a smartphone or other mobile device. You can access your personal records information from your own smartphone or mobile device by simply entering "ezlista.com" from your mobile Internet browser. EZLista is able to automatically detect your device. At EZLista your personal records information is always at the tip of your fingers, at any time, and anywhere.

Note: EZLista requires your mobile device to be web enabled. Please, check with your telecommunications mobile celular provider that your device is capable of browsing the Internet. Notice, that you may incur additional charges by navigating the Internet from your mobile browser.

EZLista is Safe and Secure

The EZLista site has been developed with several security measurements in place. Your personal information is not shared and will only ever be seen by you. We take the privacy of your information very seriously. We do not store your password in legible format. And all your sensitive personal information such as contacts names, phone numbers, addresses, passwords are always encrypted when in transint on the Internet. We enforce the confirmation of new account and change of password based on email sent to the account owner. Furthermore, most personal sensitive information, such as account Ids, passwords, account notes are stored in illegible, or impossible to read format. So that, only you the owner of that information, thru your authenticated login into the system, is able to access and read that information stored in our database.

Please, refer to our privacy policy for further information.

Who Developed EZLista

EZLista was developed by Rubens Gomes. Rubens Gomes is a senior software developer and software architect professional having over 18 years of professional experience working with information systems and software development for high tech companies and large corporations in the United States and Brazil. In addition to his professional background, Mr. Gomes received the B.S. in Computer Engineering, and M.S. in Electrical Engineering degrees from the University of Kansas in 1993, and 1996, respectively.

Contact Information

You may contact EZLista by email at: