EZLista Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important. That is why EZLista is committed to ensure the safety and confidentiallity of your information. Your information is not shared or disclosed to outside company, other users or third-parties. Also, all your personal information, consisting of your account Ids, passwords, contacts names, addresses, phones are always encrypted when in transit on the Internet. Encryptions ensures that your information is not accessed or seen by another person except you. Furthermore, most of your key information, such as account Ids, passwords, and account notes are stored in illegible (impossible to read) format on our database. So that only you, the registered user, and after being authenticated in the system is able to access your information. That is why we say that your information is safe and secure with us.

What is EZLista and what type of services does it offer?

EZLista is an online personal records book on the Internet that allows you to access and manage your personal information records from a desktop computer, smartphone or other mobile devices. After being authenticated on the system, you can add and edit your personal records information, such as accounts, passwords, site addresses, contacts information from your desktop or mobile smartphone device. EZLista does not share your information among other users or third-party companies.

What information is collected and what do we do with that information?

In order to sign up and identify a user account on the system, EZLista collects the user's email address and password. Your email address is also used to send you notifications related to your user account. For instance, when you request a password change, or to confirm your new user account email address. Note, that your password is stored in a illegible or impossible to read format on our database. Therefore, only you, the registered user, after being authenticated in the system is able to have access to your own information. Furthermore, EZLista does not send personal key information, such as passwords, in emails. You must re-create your password following a secure and protected steps to recover your password. Your password in the system is a vital and key information that you should always keep to your self, or to someone you trust.

Your EZLista address book consists of personal information, such as account Ids, passwords, names, phone numbers, emails, company names and business/residential addresses. That information is of exclusive use of the registered user. Also, most of the key information, such as account numbers, account notes, passwords, account user id are stored in illegible impossible to read format on our database. Only you the user, after authenticated in the system is able to gain access to that information.

EZLista also automatically processes information received from your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and others) or mobile devices (smartphone). This information can include IP address, pages, type and version of browser.

Why do we lock an account after failed login attempts?

As mentioned before, EZLista has several information security measurements implemented. After a certain number of failed logins, your account becomes locked for a certain period of time. This measurement is done to protect your account from possible Internet unauthorized attempts.

Also, EZLista limits the number of open authenticated sessions a user can simultaneously maintain connected to the system. This is another enforcement measurement of security to prevent that more than a certain number of sessions are active at concurrently on your account.

How long is your information stored in the system?

Your information is stored in the system indefinetely. Unless you make a request in writing to rgomes@ezlista.com to cancel and remove your membership from our system. The email must be originated from the same email address registered under your user account. Please, allow 5-7 days after notifiying us to process and remove your information from the system.

How do we guarantee the safety of your information?

Your user account information (email address) and personal contacts information is protected by authentication of a password for your security and privacy. As a safety procedure, we recommend that users regularly change their passwords, and never give out passwords. Furthermore, your password is stored in illegible or impossible to read format on our database. Only you, the registered user, after being authenticated in the system thru the sign in page is able to gain access to your information.

Access to the login page and pages containing confidential information (your accounts, contacts names, addresses, phone number) is done using a security technology called encryption. This technology ensures that only you the registered and authenticated user has access and is able to see your personal information. Furthermore, key personal information, such as account numbers, account user ids, passwords are stored in impossible to read or illegible format in our database. Those information can be accessed and read by the registered user after being authenticated in the system.

For more information about encryption see below What is encryption cryptography?

What is a Cookie and what is it used for?

A "cookie" is piece of information that is stored on your computer. It is used by web applications to identify users and their preferences.

EZLista can, at your request (for example, the remember me box at the login page), use and store a "cookie" on your computer or mobile device (feature phone or smartphone) with your email address. With this information a user may not need to re-enter his/her email address or user account name in future accesses.

What is encryption cryptography?

Encription or criptography utilizes a technologies that transform the content information being sent over the telecommunications networks (Internet) from a legible form to a form that cannot be understood. The information can only be recognized by the end user browser (who holds a "secret key"). In our case the end user is the registered and authenticated user on the system. This technology makes is difficult for someone not authorized to read the information being sent over the Internet.

Do you need more information?

For further questions about our privacy policy, please write to rgomes@ezlista.com.

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